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Engage with your customers & non-customers in the physical world through our QR codes.

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Let's shape your insights together

Unlock the secrets of your market with just 4 simple steps

1. Advice and writing of your questionnaire

Our team will help with strategy, question prioritization, construction of your tailor-made study and hosts it on our platform.

▸ Methodology adapted to your needs thanks to our know-how and experience.

▸ Ergonomic platform & questionnaire for a high engagement rate

2. Distribution of your survey

Engage with your customers in the physical world through the distribution via QR codes.

Your survey can be distributed in your own physical points of sale or through our physical network of partners.

▸ No panel.

▸ 100% personalized audience according to precise geographical and marketing criteria.

3. Report with in-depth analysis.

The data obtained from the survey is kept in compliance with the GDPR regulations.

Our platform performs both exploratory and algorithmic analysis to generate insightful and meaningful results that assist in informed decision making.

▸ Exploratory and AI analyses.

▸ An easy-to-read detailed report.

▸ Clear recommendations to inform decision-making.

4. Combine insights, acquisition and customer loyalty

Our solution integrates research, acquisition, and customer loyalty with our distribution network and customer rewards technology to enhance your customer experience.

▸ Promoting new products to potential customers.

▸ Efficient recruitment for future studies.

A study for each need:

Customer satisfaction

How satisfied are my customers? Is the customer journey optimal? How can I improve it?

Image and Notoriety

Do women aged 25 to 32 aware of my newest product? If so, have they tested it?
If not, why not?

Customer and non-customer knowledge

Why don't my consumers buy my products? What don't they like?

Catchment area and competition

Do consumers know my brand? Those of my competitors? How far are they willing to drive to come to my store?

Pre- and post-tests Advertising

What is the memorization rate of a message with a specific target? What were the reactions to my advertising campaign?

& many more to meet your needs

Because each need is different, we can create a customized study to fulfill your expectations.