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Our studies

How satisfied are customers on Champs-Elysées Avenue ?

This study was conducted on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées during 2 weeks using our Satisfyy car equipped with a 4K SRG-X400 camera.
All the images collected were analyzed anonymously by our models to provide a benchmark of the average satisfaction of customers. This study provides a first level of reading for the retailers present on this Avenue.

What are the reactions to the latest Burger King ad?

The survey was conducted online between 4 and 7 May 2022 among a sample of 469 participants (48% women and 52% men) aged 19 to 50.

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What is the emotional state of the customers in Boulevard Haussman?

This study was conducted over a period of two weeks at different locations on the Boulevard Haussman using several cameras.
All the images were analysed anonymously in order to compare geographically the differences in the emotional state of the customers. This study provides a first level of reading for the retailers present on this Boulevard.

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What are the reactions to the L'Oreal campaign "Parce que notre planète le vaut bien" ?

The survey was conducted online between 23 and 25 September 2021 among a sample of 258 participants (64% women and 36% men) aged 19 to 67.

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Our vision

Emotions are a reflection of the experiences you offer to your customers.

Indeed, emotions have a strong impact on several components of customer satisfaction such as trust, loyalty and likelihood of recommendation.

Knowing how to analyse and understand the emotions experienced by customers is therefore essential to improve the experience.

Our solution

We offer a completely new generation of research based on the measurement of emotions at the point of sale.

With an accuracy of +94%, our solution provides an unbiased, on-the-spot measurement of the impact of your customer experiences.

From secure cameras, our AI analyses the differences in emotions between the entrances and exits of your points of sale.

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Our results

You will be able to understand the impact of your customer experiences on the evolution of your sales, enrich your CRM and optimize your investments according to your target.

Our study will allow you to compare :

- Geographically your different points of sale
- The quality of your experiences from one season to the next and bring a new dimension to your traditional data.
- Segment the analysis according to the gender and age of your customers.

Going further

We propose to carry out on-site studies with a predefined questionnaire in order to collect customer testimonials.
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Our solutions fit your needs

From custom report creation to accessing our platform or API, retrieving your study results has never been easier.

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Our solution is RGPD ready

No personal data is stored on our servers.
Our solution is deliberately anonymous and is not able to identify an individual.

Video streams are processed automatically and in real time by algorithms that instantly transform the images into anonymous data.

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