What were the reactions to the Amazon Mind Rinder ad?


How do you measure the real impact that a video content causes on the audience?

Satisfyy offers a solution to analyze the reactions of a panel of testers.

From the webcam, we analyze sequence by sequence the emotions aroused by the content. This on-the-spot analysis allows us to detect the impactors and irritants and to orient our clients' advertising campaigns according to the target audience.

Thanks to the analysis of emotions in real time, we offer two levels of reading:

1/ The WOWindex: an indicator that allows us to rate the impact of a customer experience out of 5.

The WOWindex allows our clients to know if the content has been validated or not by its community.

How is it calculated?

We analyze via the webcam the emotional state of each participant before entering the video content.

The input emotional state of each participant is normalized to 2.5.

During the viewing, we analyze the evolution of the testers reactions taking into account the emotional state of entry, which allows us to analyze the variations of states aroused by the content.

The study of these variations allows us to note the lived experience. 

2/ In-depth statistics: 

In order to complete the WOWindex, we propose different metrics to refine the analysis.

We propose a segmentation of the analysis according to the gender and age of the participants.

To which sequence did women aged 25-30 react the most? Which emotion predominated among 18-25 year old men between the 15th and 30th second?

Satisfyy makes it possible to provide this type of response.

Panel of testers:

To analyze the impact of the Amazon - Mind Rinder ad, 338 testers from our community viewed the content on our platform.

The content is available by following this link.


Please contact us to receive our analysis report.

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